Saturday, November 21, 2009

~ Saturday Stuff ~

Do you ever wake up grumpy?  ....or do you just let him sleep?  Joking!!   I did not sleep well at all last night and woke up with a migraine and feeling just flat grumpy.  That's rare for me but just telling you the truth. I worked with my camera forever last night...just could not get pics transferred to the computer.  I tried again, f o r e v e r, this morning. I was thinking it would be simpler to just throw the camera out in the street and forget it!  Well, the folks at Kodak finally communicated to me ~ in a way that I could "get it" and found that the USB port was not working. Trial & error and I think all is ok now!  I told them I was technically challenged and to just feel free to chat with me like they would a 12 yr old....oh not even that about an 8 yr old?  Prolly most of them know more than I ever will about computers & technical stuff.  I know my grandkids have been pros since a very early age. :-)

Ok, before I found a "fix" for the computer/camera problem, I decided I needed to get myself out of the grumpies and adopt a new attitude. I started thinking about all the things I have to be grateful for and, wow, it's a lot!  Here's a few things:
. my health...minus the migraine
. my home
. my family
. Forrester ~ my adopted Shih Tzu
. healthy food, even though I stray over to the unhealthy too  :-(
. rockin' friends
. great coffee
. washer & dryer  (dear washer, please hang in there for a while longer...please.)
. phone calls with dear friends & laughter that makes it all better
. cool temps
. Christmas music
. bling
. the color red and how happy it makes me!
. candles
. white twinkle lights
. YOU!

Tell me, what are your thankful for today?

xo  Pat


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Migraines really ruin a day don't they. I've been fighting one myself today. Today I'm thankful for the health of my two friends new babies. One isn't quite healthy, but he will be okay. I made food and took presents to see a little newborn (3 day old) girl and a 2 week old boy. Something about new babies just makes thing right in the world.

Feel better...I find ice in a ziploc bag, wrapped in a towel works better than just about anything to make it feel better for a little while.

Coloradolady said...

Congrats....I see you won that beautiful blue cake great is that????