Friday, June 18, 2010

~ I am so blessed! ~

I wasn't able to link up with Heidi at Heart & Home this week for Wednesday Gratitude but I've certainly been feeling it!  Had the cataract surgery that morning and could immediately tell a difference ~ positive difference.  I had a re-check appt yesterday morning and all is well. Just have to continue with the many drops daily, not bend over and take it easy.  I can see things distinctly and with such definition ~ awesome!

Thanks a million for your kind thoughts and prayers ~



Kathysue said...

Hi Pat, Glad to hear your surgery went well and you are progressing well. I just had to come by and thank you for your thoughtful comment on my Commenting post today. It means so much to know how heartfelt your comments are. I agree about being genuine, I think we can all kind of see through that can't we?!! You have a kind and giving heart and I am very glad to have met you in blogland!! Thanks for the comment on my photo. I finally bit the bullet and posted it. I was so reluctant but Sally at Divine Distractions talked me into it. Well it was more like cohersed,hee hee. Have a good weekend and continue to get better,Kathysue

Julie Harward said...

Feels like a miracle huh! That is so neat, I'm happy it went well for you! :D

Deborah said...

Hi, I am so glad your surgery went well! I have heard that the the difference in vision is awesome! I am so glad for you :)
Just rest and take it easy this weekend!

Debbie said...

Pat, I'm so glad to read that you're doing well. May the Lord be your source of comfort as the Great Physician completely heals you.

Blessings and love,

lise said...

Hi Pat,

I am so glad to hear your surgery was successful. I just found your blog via Melanie. I would love to know where you found the tiered stand. We have so many bridal/baby showers at church and it would be a great addition to add to the table.
Thanks and take care of yourself. I'll keep reading.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I bet you are so glad that's over! Congrats:)

Gypsy Heart said...

A HUGE thank you to each of you! I so appreciate it.

lise ~ I bought the tiered stand at a local gift shop called Apple Annie's. Sorry it isn't nation wide ~ just an individual owner. If you'd like me to check there for another, please email me.


clustres said...

Glad to know your cataract surgery was successful! I'll probably have to have one some day so it is good to hear positive results. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comment!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi sweet lady...

Ohhh...I'm just sooo happy to see that your surgery went so well, sweet friend! Praise the Lord!!! Wow...and if you're sight has already improved this much...just think how much better it'll be when everything starts healing! I'm just elated for you, Darlin'!!! I just wanted to come by and check on ya...see how you were getting along! Thank the Lord for such a great report!!!

Have a wonderful day, Pat!
Chari @Happy To Design

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Pat, I am so happy your eye surgery went well!!! Talk about gratitude!
Have a pretty night,

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Pat, I am so happy your eye surgery went well!!! Talk about gratitude!
Have a pretty night,

Melanie said...

I'm glad that your surgery went well. Speedy recovery my friend:)