Thursday, February 2, 2012

~ Mama's Pound Cake ~

This recipe is from Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook, copyright1997.  I've made this a jillion times over the years and often make adjustments to it as noted below.  I LOVE this cake pan!  It has a fleur de lis pattern although it's difficult to see  it with the glaze.  Check this out on Amazon ~ 

Mama's Pound Cake

1/2 pound (2 sticks) butter, softened
1/2 cup Crisco shortening
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 cup milk ~ I used 2/3 c. milk and 1/3 c. Triple Sec
1 tsp. vanilla ~  I used orange extract...approx 2 tsp.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cream butter and shortening together. Add sugar, a little at a time. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each. Sift together dry ingredients and add to mixture alternately with milk, starting with flour and ending with flour. Add vanilla. Pour into a greased and floured tube pan and bake for 1-1/2 hours.

I made a glaze using powdered sugar, 2 T. softened butter and Triple Sec for the liquid. It's a fabulous cake, very moist and serves a crowd.


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Barbara F. said...

The pan is pretty, I do love a good bundt cake and/or pound cake. Paula's recipe is one of my favs. xo

Ginger Zuck said...

AWESOME! I love bundt cakes, they are the easist and the best cakes ever. I think the pans make them. Any way, This sounds awesome and I will definitely give it a whirl. I still love Paula Deene, they always make me think of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" though!! LOL BU N TTT!! What is BU N TT!

Julie Harward said...

Cool pan and cake, looks like a great recipe, I always love hers..way to go! Looks like a big cake too, you will have to share, or freeze! ;D

Sandy said...

You had to put up this recipe and now I have to make it!! Two sticks of butter? But I need to go get that wonderful cake pan!
Family from Kuwait will be here in two days and this will be perfect to serve those hungry travelers!
Thanks for posting

Aarthi said...

They look yummy


nanny said...

I love pound cake!! Yours is just beautiful!

nanny said...

I went back and caught up with your posts and read about your pain! I am so sorry you are suffering. My daughter was telling me last night that her neighbor had both knees replaced last year and she is 84! She is active, takes care of her home, yard, cooks for many (gives it away) and just thanks the Lord for her new knees. Guess there is hope for us....hang in there!

Revi said...

Wow, this sounds so good! I will try it - I love orange flavoring.
Wish I had a slice right now! :)

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Pat,

Your cake looks delicious!!! I would love a piece! :-)


Debbiedoo's said...

This looks delish Pat. I love bundt cakes too,and they look so purty. Enjoy the weekend!

Lisa said...

I adore a good pound cake. I am drooling just thinking about it...

Candace said...

What a beautiful cake, Pat! I love that cake pan. Triple Sec is an interesting addition to the recipe. I bet that really kicks up the citrus taste of that cake in a fantastic way. Yum!

Hope you are doing well! I'm trying to play catch up tonight before bed. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jacqueline said...

Who doesn't love pound cake? We used to go to a restaurant that had a grilled pound cake sundae. They just buttered a slice, broiled it and then topped with fabulous ice cream and toppings.

I haven't tried Paula's recipe for it, but it sounds like a winner. I can hear her say, "Grill me up a pound cake, with lots of butter!"

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

The fleur de lis pattern is so pretty on your pound cake. You must make a lot of people happy with this cake.

Linda said...

I'm making this recipe! I just bought 2 new smaller quality bundt pans much like yours. The size makes them great for gifts, and I think this recipe would fill them both - one for me and one for my neighbour, half the calories! Haha A few roses tied in a ribbon in the centre and I'm good to go to her door! :-)

Thanking you and Ms. Dean and wishing you and all your readers a beautiful day!

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Miz Helen said...

Hi Pat,
It is so good to see you today. How have you been doing over there? This is a great recipe and you cake looks so pretty. That Pan is awesome! Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
Come Back Soon!
Miz Helen


What a pretty pan, I have two pretty shaped, but this one is gorgeous! The cake looks so very yummy! Gosh, I'm on a stupid diet, wish I had a piece o'cake! My daughter always says that the best things in life are either a SIN or FATNY!!
Have a terrific week.

NanaDiana said...

Wow! Does THAT sound good! What is Triple Sec? I guess I must be behind the times cuz I don't know what that is. I love those go-to recipes though and this sounds like one of them. xo Diana

Xazmin said...

That. Looks. FABULOUS! I love Paula Deen!!

Honey at 2805 said...

Sounds great! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe at Potpourri Friday!