Thursday, January 17, 2013

~ Questions for You! ~

I'd love to know your favorite brand of paint for furniture.  I know a ton of folks use ASCP but I can't/don't want to spend that much for a can of paint to do just one piece.  I realize a lot of you have multiple pieces you could use it on and that is a different ball of wax can of paint. :)  I really, really want a metallic paint!  I bought one of Martha's at Home Depot and it's a beautiful color ~ gold ~ but it does not cover.  Yes, I've tried several methods with it.  I want a paint that has the primer in it.  I like the freebies I got at Ace Hardware during the summer, however, the colors have not included a metallic.  I think I'll stop by there tomorrow and see if there's anything new.

Another recommendation I need is for a printer.  My printer is very old and the ink cartridges cost a fortune for it.  The color cartridge does not print "definitive" colors except for blue...and a very shallow shade of green.  No red or purple, etc.  :(  I'd love to have a new one that is capable of different functions.  I see a lot of talented peeps creating amazing projects with transfers, especially from The Graphics Fairy. Not me with this equipment from the dark ages!  :)

Thank you in advance!

P.S.  Going to the eye Dr. tomorrow and hoping/praying/wishing that this eye problem can be resolved. I can't spend much time on the computer or read for very long. TV is questionable. I miss catching up with everyone's blogs and all the fun things going on!


Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Well, I'm completely worthless with your questions but I do hope the eye issue gets straightened out.

I bought some of the Annie Sloan chalk paint in October, but haven't tried using it yet. You know how I am with anything crafty...failure!!

Barbara F. said...

I think you can get a large piece painted with a small amount of ASCP, like a sample size. That's what a stockist told me. It goes a long way. My all-in-one wireless printer sucks in plain English, it's an HP 4500 don't get that one! Hope your eye dr. appointment goes well and you get a good report. xo

Suzan Sweatman said...

Besides Annie Sloan - my next favorite is BEHR - I used to buy the floor paint believe it or not - because of the durability factor!!!
Fuggedaboudit - I'm clueless lol
Take care of you Pat - have a wonderful wknd,

kitty said...

I wish I could help you, dear Pat, but I haven't tried the ASCP either. I want to paint a hutch, but I'm still debating on what to use. I do know that Behr has a paint and primer kind. Maybe you could try that with some of the metallic on top. I'm not any help on printer either. Those cartridges do cost a fortune.
I sure hope your eye problem gets resolved. Big hugs sent your way!!

DallyGirl said...

Why not make your own chalk paint? I have used a variety of brands and my favorite is Benjamin Moore but also have been happy with Behr. Both are very durable and when I mix up my own chalk paint & find them to cover well and distress easily.

As far as printers, my Canon sucks up the ink like no tomorrow. Would love to get a new one too.

Hope your eye appointment goes well!

Bliss said...

I don't think chalk paints come in a metallic anyway, so not sure I have any input on that, and I think all printer ink is expensive, so I'm worthless there too, but I do hope your eye gets better!


Leslie Harris said...

I agree, Behr is a good choice, and if you want to make your own chalk paint it's a lot cheaper. I used the recipe on Elizabeth &Co blog.
I'm so sorry to hear about your eye problem that must be awful. I'll be sending you some positive prayers, keep us posted on doctor's feedback.
Leslie (aka gwen moss)

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

Make your own chalk paint. It covers really well and looks beautiful Pat.
Versions of Chalk Paint:

I have a laser printer. What kind of printer are you looking for?

I hope your eye feels better soon.

Kelly said...

I'm all about Benjamin Moore Advance - it's my favorite for furniture. BUT....I'll admit that it's not as good as ASCP when it comes to distressing - it discolours a little when sanding. I have used ASCP and a sample pot can do a pretty good sized piece, so it might be worth it depending on what it is you have to paint.

Barb @ My Cottage On The Lake said...


I use Annie Sloan because I hate prep work and this paint does not require any. I also like Behr.

My printer is a Canon....really like it.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Barb ♥

bj said...

Well, Paint usually has something to do with Crafting so I can't help you there.
Sure do hope your eyes are better...
O, and I have a BROTHER printer and it works great.

deborah@confessions of a craigslist junkie said...

I have an HP Photosmart printer which I've had pretty good luck with so far, and it wasn't too expensive.
I mainly use ASCP, but I also like Benjamin Moore Aura. Don't think it comes in metallic though. If you find a good one let us know!
I hope your eye problem is resolved soon!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I read on a blog that the best paint for furniture if you are on a budget is regular latex paint but in the flat finish. Sand well first and you should be all set. No idea on the printer though...sorry!